Please find the virtual images generated automatically from MISP Project code repository.

Images are accessible per git commit. You can also get the latest version. Or the archive of VMs per version.

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[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory  -  
[DIR]checksums/2022-02-21 21:14 -  
[TXT] 21:09 819 GZIP compressed archive
[TXT]MISP_v2.4.153@130f2dd.ova.asc2022-02-21 21:11 819  
[TXT]verify.txt2022-02-21 21:08 4.4KPlain text file
[   ]MISP_v2.4.153@130f2dd-VMware.zip2022-02-21 21:07 2.5GGZIP compressed archive
[   ]MISP_v2.4.153@130f2dd.ova2022-02-21 20:34 3.1G 

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